Centered on Restoring Health

You’ll find a place full of life at Healthwin. That’s because everyone a – residents, staff, family, visitors – considers this place like home. It’s a place where we all appreciate the compassionate, caring environment. We treat our residents with dignity and respect as we help them regain their independence.

We operate as a not-for-profit organization. Our single-site facility is locally managed and governed by an independent, volunteer board of directors.

Mission Statement

Enhancing Quality of Life

Our mission is to enhance and assist those we serve to achieve their desired physical, mental and spiritual potential and to rebuild, through compassionate care, purposeful and meaningful lives.

At Healthwin, we provide high-quality clinical care for our residents while making their environment as home-like as possible. Resident length-of-stay ranges from 22 days to many years, making our physical environment very important. In many cases, Healthwin becomes our residents’ home.

Leadership, caregivers, and administrative staff at Healthwin understand that mental and spiritual care is just as important as physical care. We provide a wide range of services – from one-on-one visits to organized group events, such as the annual Mother’s Day tea in our backyard park. Attendance at many of our organized events often exceeds 100 when including residents, families and friends. Effective deployment of volunteer resources, in tandem with creative uses of our staff, has established Healthwin as a leader in the marketplace for quality of life.

From a business perspective, our mission is anchored by three pillars:

  • Quality of life – keep service to the resident as our number one priority.
  • Employee environment – treat employees with respect and fair compensation and provide continuous training so, in turn, they will render quality care.
  • Stewardship – operate the facility in a financially responsible way.

The key to effectively implementing our business model, and thus realizing our mission, is balance. Quality of life is never compromised for the benefit of employees or “the bottom line.” However, effective financial stewardship facilitates fair compensation and provides funds for clinical and social programming.

Our History

A Heritage Built On Quality Care

Healthwin was founded in 1908 as a hospital for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB). It operated for the first six years from its location on the present-day site of Potawatomi Park. St. Joseph County took over operations in 1914 and moved the facility to a 94-acre site at our present location. Soon after this move, Miss Louise Studebaker of the Women’s TB League coined the “Healthwin” name, suggesting it as a place where “one could win back their health.”

Healthwin’s physical footprint grew over the years, and the hospital continued to specialize in the treatment of TB until 1962. Advances in the treatment of TB prompted the facility to be licensed as a “chronic disease” hospital. In 1973, the East Wing was the first at Healthwin to be licensed as a nursing home facility. The last chronic disease wing was licensed for long-term care in 1995.

Also in 1995, Healthwin became a “specialized care” facility, and a local board of directors took over operation of Healthwin from the county. We continue to operate today under a local board, specializing in rehabilitation therapy, comprehensive nursing and long-term care.