Healthwin COVID-19 Information

Updated 3/24/2020


The front entrance to Healthwin is locked. All staff, vendors, deliveries (including mail), and any ESSENTIAL contracted employee must enter through the East Entrance (employee/ambulance entrance) off of Laurel. All employees are to go to the screening desk prior to clocking in.

Residents are NOT allowed to leave the building for anything other than essential medical appointments.

Updated 3/21/2020

We want to update everyone that our Front entrance off of Darden Road is now closed.  Our operators will still be answering the phones from 8 am – 8 pm however if you need to drop something off please go to our back Ambulance entrance off of Laurel Road.  Please call ahead to make sure someone can meet you at the back entrance.  Thank you for continued support.


Updated 3/19/2020

We ask that everyone be vigilant with sanitizing hands, phones, surfaces etc. Please check updates on,, and regularly. Also remember that when you are going out in public you are not only putting yourself/family at risk, but the entire building. We will continue to update accordingly.


Visitation has been restricted per CDC/CMS recommendations. Visitation may be approved for residents who are actively dying. 2 visitors are allowed at a time and can rotate out.


Residents: Respiratory symptoms and temperatures are to be documented every shift. Policy and Procedure to be followed accordingly.

Employees: Employees are questioned and temperatures documented at beginning of their shift. Any employee with a temperature >99.0 are to leave the building. Employees are advised to stay home if they are experiencing respiratory symptoms or are febrile.

Contracted Medical Providers: Contracted Medical Services (i.e. psyche services, ancillary physicians, medical transport, etc) are continuing as scheduled at this time. All medical personal are screened the same as employees.

Hospice: Hospice NURSES will be allowed to complete required assessments, re-certifications, intakes, and end of life support. Nurses will be screened as employees.

Updated 3/16/2020

With CMS guidelines not changing regarding visitation our Activity department is scheduling Facetime (for Apple users) and Zoom (for Android users) if you want to see or speak with your loved one during this time.  We ask that you please call our facility main number at (574) 272-0100 and Ext 204 is our Activity department to schedule your time.  You must be available at that specific time, otherwise we will go onto the next person. These calls have to be 10 minutes or less due to the high volume of families wanting to speak to their loved ones. Thank you for your understanding.