Occupational Therapy

Focus On Everyday Living

We want to see you live life to the fullest. Whether you come to Healthwin after surgery, injury or illness, our occupational therapists can help you overcome impairments that interfere with daily tasks. Our therapists use everyday activities to develop the skills you need to move beyond limitations and get you back to living life your way.

Our occupational therapy program includes:

  • Self-care skills assessment – bathing, dressing, feeding, urinary incontinence
  • Household skills assessment – cooking, light housework, money management, medication management
  • Community re-entry instruction – return to prior activities, such as volunteering, working, attending church, shopping, dining out, driving
  • Use of adaptive equipment
  • Home assessment and family education – training to maximize safety and independence in home environment, education on work simplification and energy conservation techniques during functional activities
  • Upper Extremity Function evaluation – pain management, range of motion and strength, coordination/sensation, fine motor skills
  • Evidence-based programs – to address diabetic neuropathy
  • Compensatory techniques – to maintain range of motion and to assist in preventing progression of deformities due to lack of movement
  • Cognitive/Perception assessment – memory, judgment, orientation, low vision, body awareness, spatial relations


Clinical care from a dedicated team

Our clinically trained therapists and assistants are experienced in the latest therapeutic techniques and industry best practices. These licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists work directly with your physician to get the right information about the therapies you need.

We have the highest patient-therapist ratio of any rehabilitation facility in the area at Healthwin. That means our residents get the kind of personalized care they want – and deserve. Plus, our therapists are employed by Healthwin, not contracted for services through an outside company. They invest in developing close relationships with each resident in order to provide the best service and care possible every day.


Leading the way with clinical standards

We adhere to the Accelerated Care Plus System, the industry standard for rehabilitative services. Our clinical care team is trained to combine innovative medical technology with evidence-based clinical protocols to enhance your quality of life. We develop therapy programs that address a wide range of treatments, including:

  • Pain management
  • Fall prevention
  • Contracture management
  • Incontinence improvement
  • Wound healing
  • Improvement in muscle weakness


Tour our facility

Take a tour of our rehabilitation suite at Healthwin. You don’t need an appointment. Simply check in at our front desk, and we’ll show you what a difference Healthwin makes in the lives of our residents.