Coronavirus Update

October 15, 2021 9:30 am

County Transmission: High

Status:  Non-Outbreak

Testing Frequency:   2 x Week (Non- Fully Vaccinated Staff)

                                             1 x Week (Fully Vaccinated Staff)

Statistics, based on test date, are as follows:


% Fully Vaccinated: 89%

Testing Positive Within Last 24 Hours: 0

Testing Positive Within Last 72 Hours: 0

 Testing Positive Within Last 14 Days: 0

Currently Hospitalized: 0

Deaths Within Last 24 Hours: 0


% Fully Vaccinated: 75%

Testing Positive Within Last 24 Hours: 0

Testing Positive Within Last 72 Hours: 0

 Testing Positive Within Last 14 Days:  0


Green – E1 (Rooms 101-127)

 Green – E2 (Rooms 201-227)

Green – W1 (Rooms 136-148)

Green – W2 (Rooms 230-259)    

Green – BV (Rooms 281-289)

Green – NW2 (Rooms 290-299)  

Yellow – NW1 (Rooms 260-275) – New Admissions Unit

Potential Red – W1 (Rooms 149-160) 

Updates will be made in the event statistics change.   

Letter from Anne:

September 24, 2021

Dear families,

Wow, I can’t believe fall has arrived!  The temperatures are definitely starting to drop.  I want to make sure our residents have a coat here as the temperatures continue to fluctuate.  We want to make sure they are warm going out to appointments or hanging out in the park.  We would ask that families take home summer clothes in order to make room for sweaters, coats, hats, gloves, etc.  Please let the front desk know what clothing have been taken out of the building and any new additional items so we can update the inventory sheet.  If there any seasonal decorations in the room, please take them home too.  We need to make room for the holiday decorations.

I wanted to touch base about the positivity rate.  We continue to be over 10%.  Please wear the mask covering your nose and mouth as well as a shield.  I wanted to update you regarding the exposure/outbreak guidelines that have recently changed.  The CDC is suggesting that contact tracing be used or general quarantining like we have been using.  We hope to use the contact tracing method since it is more of a focused way of addressing who needs to be in quarantine.  Unfortunately, the change came after East 1 and East 2 residents had completed their quarantine. 

Healthwin’s website has a family page.  We are ready to launch this part of the website.  In order to access this page, you will need to login. 

  1. Go to   
  2. Click on Family Log In. it is at the top of the screen. 
  3. Enter the password: Healthwins#1   

On this page, we will have the Life Enrichment/activities calendar, my most recent letter, Covid positivity update, and anything else that is important.  We will continue to send my letter and the covid positivity information via email and snail (for those who don’t have email), but it is just another place you can find it.  If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on this page, please let me know.

Please take a look at the October Life Enrichment calendar.  I would love our family members to encourage our residents to attend various fun events going on in the building.  We have a lot of fun things going on in October.  We also have our menu posted.  We are hoping this will help with residents who may not like a meal.  Please let us know so we can “get it right the first time” and won’t have to wait for something else because they don’t like a particular entrée.

Lastly, I would like to touch base on recognizing our staff.  I am sure you have heard that the burnout in healthcare is at an all time high.  I would love it if you see a staff person doing something great to let us know.  There are above and beyond forms by the East elevator.  There is a box you can drop the form.  Believe it or not, your opinions and comments have a huge impact with our staff.  Please take a minute to fill out a form.  You can always email me I will make sure they are recognized.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


ext. 215

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