Coronavirus Update

January 13, 2022 4:30 pm

County Transmission: High

Status:  Outbreak

Testing Frequency:   2 x Week (Non- Fully Vaccinated Staff)

                                             1 x Week (Fully Vaccinated Staff)

Statistics, based on test date, are as follows:


% Fully Vaccinated: 89%

Testing Positive Within Last 24 Hours: 3

Testing Positive Within Last 72 Hours: 3

 Testing Positive Within Last 14 Days: 5

Currently Hospitalized: 0

Deaths Within Last 24 Hours: 0


% Fully Vaccinated: 79%

Testing Positive Within Last 24 Hours: 3

Testing Positive Within Last 72 Hours: 5

 Testing Positive Within Last 14 Days:  33


Yellow – E1 (Rooms 101-127) (All Residents)

Yellow – E2 (Rooms 201-227) (For unvaccinated potentially exposed residents)

 Green – W1 (Rooms 136-148)

Yellow – W2 (Rooms 230-259) (For unvaccinated potentially exposed residents)

Green – BV (Rooms 281-289)

Green – NW2 (Rooms 290-299)  

Yellow – NW1 (Rooms 260-275) – New Admissions Unit

Red – W1 (Rooms 149-160)

Letter from Anne:

January 13, 2022

Dear families,

I wanted to update you regarding what is going at Healthwin.  Since we had two residents test positive for Covid, we are required to retest the unit.  We received the results today.  We have 3 additional residents who became positive.  Those residents were moved to the red zone until January 27, 2022 and will be monitored. 

We have decided to change East 1 to a yellow zone because of the subsequent positives.  The residents will not be able to go out on excursions with family.  Doctor’s appointments will be allowed.  The residents will need to stay on the unit and not eat meals in the Main Dining Room or participate in activities off the unit.  It is anticipated the residents will be yellow for 14 days.  They will be able to come out of the yellow zone on January 27, 2022.

If you want to visit a resident in the yellow zone or red zone, you will be required to wear the gown, shield, gloves, and a State issued N95 with a surgical mask over the N95.  You can secure these products at the time you check in at the back door.  You can put the items on at the back door, but you must remove personal protective equipment prior to exiting the unit when you are done with the visit.  A trash container will be placed by the doors exiting the unit.  Please remove the gown, gloves, and surgical mask.  Keep the N95 and shield on and place a new surgical mask over the N95 so you can reuse the N95 for another visit.   If a resident has Covid, you are bringing the Covid particles off the unit on the personal protective equipment so we want to make sure it’s thrown away at the end of the hallway before leaving the unit.

Please make sure that the mask covers your nose and mouth as well as stays on throughout the visit.  If your family member is in a green zone, the mask must cover the nose and mouth.  Omicron is very sneaky and has cold-like symptoms that we need to prevent the spread as much as possible.  We ask that you socially distance to your family.  It helps with the reduction of the spread.

The visitation hours are still open.  Please discern if you are feeling well enough for a visit.  If not, we can set up a visit through facetime/what’s app/messenger etc.  Please call ext. 204 and they will set up the call.  We want to make sure our residents continue to connect to their family members even when family members are under the weather.

Lastly, I want to review staffing per the Indiana Department of Health/CDC guidelines.  There are three types of staffing:  conventional, contingency, and crisis.  The nursing and dietary department are functioning on the crisis staffing model.  What does this mean?  Staff who test positive, but are asymptomatic or mild symptoms are allowed to work.  If the staff person as symptoms, they do not work.  We have had several staff who are fully vaccinated test positive.  They didn’t even know they had Covid.  If we weren’t required to test staff on a weekly basis, they would not have known they were positive.  They are required to wear an N95 and shield.  Other departments are following contingency or conventional staffing.  Contingency staff means they can come back after 5 days as long as they have mild symptoms and are fever free.  Conventional staff is following the normal quarantine process of 10 days.  Healthwin will not be in crisis staffing forever.  This is a dynamic process.  Once we are through our peak, we will go back to the conventional quarantine. 

If you have questions, please contact me at extension 215.  I will continue to update you as things change.


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