Coronavirus Update

May 16, 2022 09:30 am

County Transmission: Substantial

Status: Outbreak

Routine Testing Frequency:   2 x Week (Non- Fully Vaccinated Staff)

                                                           2 x Week (Fully Vaccinated Staff W/O Booster)

Statistics, based on test date, are as follows:


% Fully Vaccinated: 94%

Testing Positive Within Last 24 Hours: 0

Testing Positive Within Last 72 Hours: 0

 Testing Positive Within Last 14 Days: 0

Currently Hospitalized: 0

Deaths Within Last 24 Hours: 0


% Fully Vaccinated: 87%

Testing Positive Within Last 24 Hours: 1

Testing Positive Within Last 72 Hours: 3

 Testing Positive Within Last 14 Days:  4


Green – E1 (Rooms 101-127)

Green – E2 (Rooms 201-227

 Green – W1 (Rooms 136-148)

Green – W2 (Rooms 230-259)

Green– BV (Rooms 281-289)

Green – NW2 (Rooms 290-299)  

Green – NW1 (Rooms 260-275) – Yellow For New Admissions W/O Booster

Red – W1 (Rooms 149-160)

Updates will be made in the event statistics change.   

Letter from Anne:

May 16, 2022

Dear families,

I wanted to give you some great news!  Effective Wednesday May 18, 2022; we are opening the front doors for visitors/vendors.  Staff will continue to use the employee entrance to go through the process of taking a temperature and attesting to the lack of signs/symptoms of Covid.

When you enter the facility, there will be a table to sign in and out to the right.  The State of Indiana removed the requirement for visitors to have their temperature taken.  We will have masks at the table.  If you need to gown up for the yellow or red zone, it will happen on the unit. 

We will continue to be open for visitation, however, when the receptionist leaves for the evening the front doors will be locked.  You will need to use the code 1234# to enter the facility.  Even after hours, visitors/vendors will be required to sign in and out.  We are working toward expanding the hours at the front desk with this new transition.  You are more than welcome to use the employee entrance if that is easier for you.  We do ask that you just remember to sign in and out every time you visit.

Lastly, I forgot to mention we have a new beautician.  Her name is Emily.  She will only be here on Mondays since she works full time in a salon Tuesday through Saturday.  Please make an appointment with the front desk and give the receptionist money for your family member’s account to pay for the services.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this exciting news!  My extension is 215 or feel free to email me at

Enjoy the sunshine!


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