Coronavirus Update

May 5, 2023 03:00 pm

County Transmission:  Moderate

Status: Outbreak

Routine Testing Frequency:   1 x Week (Non- Fully Vaccinated Staff)

Statistics, based on test date, are as follows:


% Fully Vaccinated: 92%

Testing Positive Within Last 24 Hours: 0

Testing Positive Within Last 72 Hours: 2

 Testing Positive Within Last 14 Days: 2

                                                      Currently Hospitalized: 0

                                                    Deaths Within Last 24 Hours: 0


% Fully Vaccinated: 87%

Testing Positive Within Last 24 Hours: 0

Testing Positive Within Last 72 Hours: 0

 Testing Positive Within Last 14 Days:  1


Green – E1 (Rooms 101-127) Red Positive Residents Only

Green – E2 (Rooms 201-227) l

Green – W2 (Rooms 230-259)

Green – BV (Rooms 281-289)

Green NW2 (Rooms 290-299)

 Green – NW1 (Rooms 260-275)

Green – W1 (Rooms 136-160)

Updates will be made in the event statistics change.   

Letter from Anne

July 17, 2023

Dear families,

I wanted to update you that food service for families will begin August 1, 2023.  Tickets can be purchased at the front desk for $5.00 a meal.  The front desk receptionist will provide you a meal ticket for you to fill out.  Please bring the meal ticket with you to the main dining room and give it to the dietary staff member with your choices selected.  Hopefully, adding meal service will help extend your visits and create some additional positive memories with your family member. 

Please remember to look at the activities calendar for excursions.  If you think your family member would enjoy an outing, let Life Enrichment department know.  Travis’ extension is 288 or call the office at extension 204.

Don’t forget about our Darden Park.  There is a lot of nice areas to sit and visit.  Please enjoy it while the weather holds up.  The summer keeps clicking along and before you know it, it will be late fall/winter and will need to close it again.

Please keep me posted if you have concerns.  We are here to help and address anything that isn’t working.  My extension is 215 or email me at

I hope you a great rest of the summer!


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