Meet Our Team

Our leadership team at Healthwin includes dedicated, experienced, compassionate people who work tirelessly to guide the daily operations and management of our facility.

Stephen J. Gazdick, Chief Financial Officer, ext. 232

Anne Knouse, Chief Operating Officer, ext 215

Sarah Schmidt, Director of Nursing, ext. 270 

Alexis Heaston, LPN, Assistant Director of Nursing, ext. 234

Janet Turner- Assistant Director of Nursing, ext. 269

Kristin Everett-Warnke, Director of Admissions & Marketing, ext. 208 

Kim Patton, Director of Human Resources, ext. 281 

Jeannine Groot, Compliance Officer

Melynda Traversa, Director of Business Office, ext 289

Justine Rife, Director of Nutritional Services, ext. 280 

Ann Carpenter, Director of Rehabilitation Services, ext. 100