A speech therapy session

Bringing Back Communication and More

Your ability to communicate plays a vital role in everyday living. Whether you come to Healthwin because of surgery, illness, disease or injury, we have specially trained speech language pathologists who can help you relearn what you need to know to return to the life you want to live.

If you or a loved one have suffered a stroke or brain injury, you may need speech therapy to overcome difficulties finding the word you need to communicator or improve speech that is slurred and unintelligible. Strokes can also affect the ability to think through everyday tasks and remember new information. Speech therapy works on a variety of cognitive tasks to retrain the brain.

Brain injuries, strokes and dementia can also affect your ability to swallow food and liquid safely. Our speech therapists diagnose and manage swallowing difficulties through therapeutic intervention and/or diet modifications, including the introduction of thickened liquids and ground-up meats. In some cases, we also place a vital stem electrical stimulator to strengthen neck muscles to enhance a safer swallow.

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