A physical therapy session at Healthwin

Promoting Strength and Mobility

No matter what brings you to Healthwin, our rehabilitation therapists are dedicated to helping you get back to being your best self.

Our specially trained physical therapists work closely with you and your doctors to motivate you, challenge you and guide you to regain strength and mobility. Many of our therapists have advanced training in treatment of complex cases, including cardiopulmonary, orthopedic and wound care.

All of our therapists are licensed Healthwin employees. Unlike other rehabilitation facilities in the area, that means our therapists are dedicated to our residents. They work with you and your multidisciplinary care team to return you to your best functional state of strength, balance and mobility.

Our physical therapy program includes:

  • Therapeutic exercise – improves strength, power and endurance
  • Functional training – establishes stable walking, balance and moving from one place to another
  • Range of motion of joints – supports good posture and comfort
  • Electrotherapy and deep heat – improves strength, range of motion and coordination, and decreases pain
  • Prescription of adaptive equipment and assistive devices – provides for improved mobility
  • Education – teaches family, caregivers and patients in optimal techniques of functional movement
  • Evaluation of living space – improves movement and ensures safety when returning home
  • Evidence-based programs – address diabetic neuropathy
Physical therapy equipment at Healthwin

Learn more about our rehabilitation services and how we can help

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