Healthwin's dining room

Homelike Atmosphere at Every Meal

Our restaurant-style dining program gives our residents and their family members flexible dining hours and a choice of appetizing food and beverage selections at every meal.

For residents who prefer to dine in resident units or who need assistance with feeding, Healthwin staff has access to private kitchens for food preparation in most units.

Our dining program is also designed to accommodate the busy schedules of residents’ families. Because family visits frequently overlap residents’ mealtimes, we offer family and guests up to 10 complimentary meals per month so that they can dine together.

Nutrition specialists guide menu planning

Dining room entree at Healthwin

Our staff dietitian works closely with our chef to ensure that you receive well-balanced meals. We believe a healthy, regular diet is best for our residents’ overall health and happiness. Special considerations include:

  • Texture modifications as needed
  • Acute dietary needs
  • Nutrition education for residents who are transitioning to their homes
  • Supplements and nutrition as needed for wound healing