Or Staff - Nurses Station

Dedicated, Compassionate Care

Staffing philosophies directly impact the quality of care in every specialized care facility. That’s why we maintain a commitment to recruit, train and retain the best staff, while maintaining optimum staffing levels at Healthwin. It’s this kind of approach that allows us to maintain our high ratings by Medicare, as well as high satisfaction ratings from our residents and staff members.

We train our staff to care for high-acuity patients who require more advanced nursing care. Our registered nurses know how to handle complex cases and can provide advanced treatments, such as tracheotomies, G-tubes, and IVs, that other sub-acute facilities might not be staffed to handle.

Staff turnover at Healthwin is well below the industry average, allowing us to truly know our residents and develop a mutual level of trust and respect. We’re known for this resident-centered, consistently high-quality care.

Our staffing ratios also are among the highest in the area. Nursing hours per resident day rate significantly higher than the average “for profit” facility. Plus, we have no reduction in staff at night. Healthwin residents enjoy the same level of high-quality care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.