Short term rehab rooms at Healthwin
Visiting family in a short term rehab room
Restroom, short term rehab room
Restroom, short term rehab room

Healthwin’s rooms are as unique as the building that was built in 1908. Each resident room can vary in size due to the way the building was constructed. You will find that each room has different dimensions and is provide with a bed, dresser, nightstand, telephone and television.

Each individual is evaluated to see if they are able to safely use a bathroom or if they would be better off in a room without a bathroom. Medical necessity is Healthwin’s top priority when we look at placing an individual in a room. Depending on the unit and room you are placed in some of the rooms have bathrooms, some share a bathroom, and some do not have a bathroom. There are bathrooms located on each unit that is spacious and accommodating for everyone’s needs. If you are a rehabilitation resident, then we will most likely be able to place you in a room with a bathroom.

Healthwin requests our long-term residents that they bring in no larger than a 32-inch television and their own recliner or favorite chair if the room allows it. It is very important to have the articles you bring in approved prior to admitting. The Admission Department will supply you a list of items that you can and cannot bring.

Example of a residents room at Healthwin
Example of a room on another unit.